Consumer/Product Placement

Source consistently secures product placement opportunities for its clients in print, online and broadcast media. Our clients' products are regularly featured in roundups, gift guides, TV spots and more.

Media Relations

Through strategic thinking and the creative ability to maintain and develop strong relationships with the press - Source has a great reputation for getting the word out and the job done.

Corporate Communications

We are dedicated to helping clients address critical communications issues and reputational challenges, as well as navigate the opinion side of the media. We also provide coaching for our corporate clients to steer them in the right direction of success.

Image Consulting

A client's reputation has to be carefully built and maintained in the eye of the media - positive press needs to be professionally crafted through tactical planning and persistence. The image of our clients are seriously important to us.

Social Media

Source assists with the development, execution and management of comprehensive social media campaigns and strategies to help clients spread brand awareness digitally. Working with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, Source helps its clients enhance their online presence.

Crisis Management

When a client is in crisis mode - the element of surprise - short and concise decision making and professional handling is critical to the recovery of the company. Source creates the plan of action intended to accomplish the clients' goals and objectives.

Branding Campaigns

Source helps organize, define and refine the client values that make each company/individual special and distinctive. Brand trust, awareness and identity expands the success of the client commodity.

Special Events

Source plans and executes full-service corporate events for clients and promotes their accomplishments in all forms of media. We develop and implement ideas that bring your brand and the media together.

Government Relations

Source has developed a highly successful method of working with our clients to produce positive results in complex legal, journalistic and political environments. A political plan of action helps to outline and secure specific goals and objectives for the client.

Strategic Planning

Great strategy begins with great listeners and Source listens to its clients to help them achieve their vision of success. We provide senior counsel and do extensive research prior to the planning process.